Koch steel security doors

Koch steel security doors

Steel security doors handmade by Ateliers Koch

Koch security doors are not sheet metal doors!

The company Koch manufactures its own steel security doors that can be used in both new construction and renovations at home and can be used regardless of existing steel or Wood frames. The safety door can be used as an apartment door, interior door, as well as in its galvanized variant as exterior door.

The Koch door was safety tested by the police and classified as a security class WK4 ET3. Koch security doors can be found in our exhibition space.

Koch steel security doors

Custom Doors made to measure :
Outside and inside can be lined with wood and can be adapted to existing doors.

Standard with 2 locks :
2 locks fitted with a security rosette
A third lock can be added at the bottom

Security :
2 simultaniously closing security cylinders
protection against drilling and unauthorized copying of the key classified as a security class WK4 ET3

Koch steel security doors
Technology :
  • Door and frame
  • made from sturdy
  • 2mm tubular frame
  • sections
  • Door panel is made
  • of 2mm steel
Polyvalent :
  • Used as a dwelling
  • entrance door
  • interior door or
  • galvanized exterior
  • door
  • no annoying stumbling
  • in the floor area threshold
  • due to running around side door
  • and retractable floor seals
Extras included :
  • 2 locks,
  • thick steel
  • mineral wool is used as door insulation material
  • thicker steel available if desired