Unilux: Where quality is at home

La qualité se n'achète pas prête à l'emploi, mais chez le spécialiste

Le nom UNILUX est synonyme de qualité et de compétence dans toute l’Europe.

Cela tient au fait que l’entreprise est toujours restée fidèle à ses racines : un savant mélange de menuiserie artisanale et de production industrielle


  • Weatherproof on the outside – Comfortable inside:
    Wood creates comfort - it is a feel-good material. Aluminium, on the other hand, is durable - a shield against low pressure areas. Together they make a wood-aluminium window, which remains permanently in shape.

  • Elegance for eternity:
    Outside: an elegant aluminium shell, which makes for a perfect static effect and can withstand any storm. Inside: steel-reinforced plastic, guaranteeing maximum longevity.

  • Superior windows of furniture quality:
    With wood windows you are always choosing masterly design. This shows in every detail. For example in frame-flush mounted fixtures.


Energy saving :

  • All good things come in threes!. The additional third pane ensures that the excellent thermal insulation values of UNILUX are clearly beaten.

Safety programme SAFE :

  • Our SAFE programmes are a cheap but effective way of making life difficult for burglars.

Leave the noise outside :

  • Depending on the thickness, there is sound insulation up to 46 dB. This means that even the noise of a main road can be effectively shut out.