Renz - mailboxes

Renz - mailboxes

Renz - the first address for your post

The company has been present in Europe since 1925 and is continuing to develop its product range.

Since 2008 Renz has focused on eco-design and taken its first steps in electronics by integrating a photovoltaic cell.

Renz mixes modernity, innovation and technology.

Renz - mailboxes

Now all collective sets are guaranteed against corrosion for 15 years. As for individual mailboxes, they are guaranteed for 7 years, 9 years, 12 years or 15 years depending on the model.

Sleek design, perfect aesthetics, lock with vandalism resistance. And a wide range of models (Plan S, Trend, Quadra, Tetro, RS-Design etc...)

High-gloss finish with a gloss level 95% matt tint, sandblasted matt tint, slightly pearly tint, silky colour, tint hammered, metallic paint, anti-graffiti colour with 85% gloss.

Renz - mailboxes
Label :
  • A reversible "No junk mail please" label: each occupant can choose according to his preferences.
  • A traceability label with the key number inside each door: an imperative for the SAV
More products :
  • An array of secure metallic key hooks that reproduces the arrangement of the mailboxes.
  • Possible backlighting
  • Decoration effects concrete, jeans, leather.
  • A third key is added to the 2 keys supplied as standard.
Good to know :
  • Fully insulated and waterproof housing with gutter,
  • Overlapping door flap in brushed stainless steel
  • Mailbox with stainless letters in sleek design
  • Overlapping door for a perfect aesthetic
  • High locking to increase vandal resistance