Schweizer mailboxes

Schweizer mailboxes

Schweizer - the best calling card for your home

Schweizer Mailboxes offer many options and a unique quality.

The construction of high-grade aluminum is sturdy, weather resistant and rust-free and therefore very durable.

Schweizer mailboxes

Security :
Built-in tamper proof components
Protection against theft by taking integrated post-security
in accordance with DIN 32 617

Advantages :
Weatherproof : 100% rust-free aluminum construction

Water-repellent front door

PC / ABS blend interiors

Weatherproof lock cylinder built

Spare Parts Service :
We repair Schweizer mailboxes even after decades.

Discarded equipment and parts can be sent to us for recycling.

Schweizer mailboxes
Schweizer systems
  • Module M30 square
  • Module M 40 rectangular
  • Collective box
  • Mailboxes MAXL
Durability :
  • Simple extraction Post by horizontally openable door letterbox
  • Name tag quickly changed without tools
  • Signs and spare key she received in a short time
Design :
  • Perfectly integrated into its surroundings

  • Variety of colors

  • Clear anodized or available in RAL / NCS colors