Wood and wood-aluminium windows

Kowa - wood and wood-aluminium windows

KOWA- In harmony with your interior, newer, more natural inventions

Enthusiasm, passion and experience are the key words of this company's work!

Since generations, Kowa is a family bussiness. Distinguished by its special knowlegde of natural products, like pinewood, for more than 60 years, Kowa provids indisputable quality windows and doors.

Wood and wood-aluminium windows

Design and comfort:

Having the advantage of capturing air humidity, wood is a warm fabric that illuminates the inside and the outside of your home ; combining desgin and comfort. 

Thermal insulation:

Wood will be your best Thermal Insulation ally !

(Allowing you to save energy.)


Kowa combines tradition and technique. 

Wood and wood-aluminium windows
Kowa system
Diversity :
  • Use of aluminium in certain ranges of our doors and windows
  • Different collections
  • Kontura Collection
  • Linera Collection
  • Design
Guarantee and duration :
  • A life expectancy of more than 40 years for your windows guaranteed by its first component: wood
  • And a 10-year warranty on the window surface
  • Perfect finishes
High security :
  • Superior resistance to bulgary
  • New systems adapted to current standards