Kompotherm front doors

Kompotherm front doors

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All front doors and front door panels are manufactured in-house.

This ensures accurate matching of all components and a uniform surface texture, as no material mix is used.

Solid craftsmanship has always been our top priority. KOMPOtherm ® doors and door panels are 90% handmade, as despite all the precision machinery needed only solid craftsmanship grants quality to KOMPOtherm® doors.

Kompotherm front doors

E-design :
This modern range of models fascinates through its external surface optics, with applications from aluminium and stainless steel. These elegant, linear models are enchanting with their combination of innovative colours and glazing.

Front door technology :
Front doors are made from high-quality, thermally insulated profile designs that meet all requirements of thermal insulation and safety.

Colour schemes :
Whether you choose a colour from the RAL colour palette, one of the attractive KOMPOtherm fine structure colours or atmospheric wooden decor, you always have a large choice of colours and textures for a creative door design.

Kompotherm front doors
Kompotherm system
Variety :
  • Chagall
  • E-design
  • Dürer
  • Van Gogh
  • Rubens
  • Matisse
  • Wood decor
Longevity :
  • Thermally separated profile
  • Door panel thickness
  • Security glass
  • Mechanical interlocks
  • Security accessories
Systems :
  • Concealed band
  • Various profile optics
  • Aluminium door panels
  • 1,000 variations