Hörmann : Gates, doors, door frames and drives

Hörmann : Gates, doors, door frames and drives

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Garage sectional doors and industrial gates - your dream door in Hörmann brand quality

The elegant automatic sectional doors open vertically upwards. You gain more space in and in front of the garage - and have the whole passage free. Sectional doors always fit - regardless of whether your garage opening is rectangular or slanted, has a segmental arch or a round arch. That's why they are ideal for retrofitting.

Aluminium front doors in modern design and with maximum thermal insulation

Your new front door should be something special. It should match the style of your house, be representative and thus prove your good taste. However, your front door should also meet high security requirements and help save energy with high thermal insulation values.

Hörmann : Gates, doors, door frames and drives

Sectional gates:


Efficient thermal insulation

BiSecur radio system

Excellent design

Front doors :

High thermal insulation

High safety

High sound insulation

High stability

Industry - Sectional gates :

Highest scratch resistance

Efficient thermal insulation

Safety and security



Hörmann : Gates, doors, door frames and drives
Hörmann systems
  • Garagentore und Nebentüren
  • Garagen-Sectionaltore
  • Berry-Schwingtore
  • Garagen-Rolltor RollMatic
  • Seiten-Sectionaltor HST
  • Garagen-Nebentüren
  • Sammelgaragentore
  • Aluminium-Haustüren :
  • ThermoSafe und ThermoCarbon
  • Eingangstüren aus Stahl :
  • ThermoPro und ThermoPlus
  • Vordächer
  • Industrie-Sectionaltore
  • Schnelllauftore
  • Rolltore und Rollgitter
  • Sammelgaragentore
  • Feuerschutz- Schiebetore
  • Hofschiebetore
  • Streifenvorhänge
  • Pendeltore
  • Sporthallentore