Door openings - Emergency Services - Burglary Protection

Door openings - Emergency Services - Burglary Protection

Door openings - Emergency Services - Burglary Protection
99/101 rue de Hollerich L-1740 Luxembourg

Our emergency service for keys and locks is at your disposal. For door openings or other services, we are usually quickly on site.

In addition to expert advice, we also supply security fittings and cylinders of the highest quality. Of course, we also install fittings and cylinders. We secure your windows and doors.

Door openings - Emergency Services - Burglary Protection


  • Repair service :
    • Maintenance & customer service for doors of all manufacturer brands
    • Spare parts available
    • Tests in accordance with accident prevention regulations
    • Maintenance contracts with 24/7 service.
  • FSB security fittings :
    • The security fitting protects the profile cylinder and consequently the lock against violent external attacks.
    • All security fittings have the following advantages.
  • Product advantages :
    • High burglary protection
    • Covering of the reinforced cylinder for protection against reboring and removal
    • Extreme abrasion protection thanks to special screws made of hardened steel
    • Solution for cylinder projections from 8 to 15 mm
    • Recommended by the Criminal Investigation Department


Technologies :
  • Products at the cutting edge of safety technology
  • The X-tra reversible key can only be inserted the right way round, because with this agile system the bottom is right at the top!
Warranty :
  • We exclusively stock branded products from well-known and proven manufacturers in a quality you can rely on.
Modelle :
  • WINKHAUS System VS