Maintenance garage doors

Maintenance garage doors

Repair service: +352 48 62 19 1

Monday to Friday : 8h00-12h00 and 14h00-18h00

Saturday : 8h00-12h00 and 14h00-18h00

We are the right partner when it comes to support you with professional solutions and support. We are your competent service partner when it comes to inspections, maintenance, repairs and upgrades to doors and gates from all manufacturers.

The gates are playing an important role when it comes to smooth everyday operation. Here, it is time to take care. Gates should - just like your car - undergo regular checks to assure they work.

When frequently used, we recommend bi-annual maintenance periods.

Professional Service garage doors

Professional Service

  • Inspection of accident prevention regulations
  • 24 hour emergency service contracts
  • Regularly conducted inspections and maintenance are the best guarantee for a secure, lasting and proper operation of your gate.
  • You may receive a personal service contract from us that fits your requirements in full.
  • In the area of repairs you can count on us. We repair doors professionally, quickly and reliably.
  • Our knowledgeable service staff will arrive in the shortest possible time so that your gate system will be operational again as quickly as possible.