Belutec Flush Doors

You can get our flush-mounted doors with different drives. For special needs we offer the MKA (multi-comfort drive). This is characterized by the safety aspect of the emergency hand chain for possible power outages and the closing edge safety device. The drive rail is made of aluminum and equipped with a noiseless and maintenan- ce-free toothed belt. Furthermore, the carriage has quadruple ball bearing and polyamide sheathed rollers, which support a very quiet running. With the MKA you get a frequency converter including safety and radio package.This includes both a light barrier, as well as a closing edge security whereby a maximum clearance height can be achieved. For maximum flexibility, the drive head can be mounted on different sides and positions. 7 Flush standard doors and individual planning for you Aluminum lattice-frame-construction, planking on-site Integrated ventilation function when the door is closed at the bottom Multi-Comfort-Drive The drive for the special needs! Low lintel height